# 2 Hidden From View


I have chosen to photograph one of my Monarch

Butterfly Chrysalis. I have been raising them for about 4 months

now. If you look closely you can see the wings inside the Chrysalis. I

hope you enjoy

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9 Responses to # 2 Hidden From View

  1. elifamily2 says:

    Beautiful image, wonderful idea for the theme!


  2. Great shot. It must be fun watching them slowly change and then have the reward of the final moment when a butterfly emerges!


  3. jeanc5000 says:

    Thank you and yes it is really something to watch the different stages and then finally have the butterfly emerge and to release it.


  4. suesanborn says:

    Very nice picture. Love the colors and the subject is something we don’t always see or appreciate.


  5. Marie Lough says:

    Wow – I’ve never seen that before and would probably never spot it. Thanks for sharing and teaching! The blue is very pretty.


  6. Sue Karski says:

    I just replaced my front garden with plants that attract butterflies and it is full of life. There might even be a few preparing to do this.


  7. annsero says:

    I like your hidden from view. It makes me want to know what is inside that pupa


  8. preed913 says:

    LOVE this! – you got the little dots of gold at the bottom and the gold “zip” at the top perfectly! and perfectly hidden! …for about 5 years – each August we’d “raise” Monarchs, when it gets really black you’ll know they are about to pop – amazing that such a large butterfly can be so folded up in there – and so helpless for at least a couple of hours before it can fly, another great photo op! Its amazing.


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